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"Health is a normal condition -

it is our duty not only to attain it,

but to maintain it"

- Joseph H Pilates

Class & Private Pilates Sessions in Northumberland

Welcome to my Pilates Studio, here the focus is on offering you an exceptional Pilates experience tailored around your individual needs in a welcoming positive atmosphere. Staying true to the original Pilates method sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 people, offering you the best balance of individual attention and quality instruction based on authentic Pilates principles using a selection of genuine handcrafted Pilates apparatus.

The Pilates Studio Services

Whether you are looking for a class session to join or wanting to undertake private instruction the emphasis at the Pilates Studio is on designing your Pilates session around you and working together at an achievable pace in a friendly encouraging environment towards your goals. Our services include:




Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates

What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method [of Physical Conditioning] was developed by Joseph H Pilates through the early half of the 1900’s as a form of fitness and rehabilitation to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the entire body. 

The movement of each exercise is precise, flowing, invigorating and challenging, and relies on the “mind-body” connection. It is this combined mental and physically challenge of Pilates that makes it so effective both as a form of fitness and as a rehabilitative therapy.