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Frequently Asked Questions

Lacking flexibility, coordination, or feeling unfit are great reasons to do Pilates in the first place! The Induction Session is designed to get you feeling comfortable in the studio space and confident using the apparatus and familiar with the movements and cues. The Pilates Studio is a friendly, encouraging and welcoming space, remember we all new to Pilates once, and have all been the new student in class. Come!

Many people find that practising Pilates 1-3 times per week offers the right amount of time for them to start to feel an improvement. Consistency is the key to getting the most benefit from your Pilates practise! Whether it’s once, twice or thrice a week, classes or private sessions, in studio or online or any combination thereof find a routine that is realistic to your life and schedule and stick to it and you’ll feel and see the results.

Of course Joseph Pilates recommended doing Pilates every day and expected his clients to put in personal practise time at home as well!

Wear what you feel comfortable exercising in. Light layers are usually a good option but make sure the clothes you intend to wear during your session don’t have any zips, buckles or metal fittings and that the top does not have knots or folds at the back or loose fapping fabric. Be sure to check that your leggings or sweatpants don’t have hidden zips at the back, on the pockets or down the leg, you will be surprised how many people don’t realise they are there! These hidden lumps and bumps not only negatively impact your position in various movements, but may even cause bruising as well as risks damage to the apparatus.

Bring a clean pair of socks with you. For hygiene reasons we ask that all shoes are removed upon entering in the studio, and that you change into your “studio socks” upon arrival. Non-slip socks are recommend but must have closed toes, your studio socks must be worn in the studio at all times.

For your safety do not wear any jewellery. Remove all rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets and earrings that hang or dangle below the earlobe before arriving at the studio there is risk that they may catch in the moving apparatus.

Please bring a bottle of water for yourself.

Please leave all valuables, bags and mobiles securely locked in your car or at home.

All class sessions are by booking scheduler. Once you have completed your induction and movement assessment, you will be provided with a list of classes best suited to your movement and goals. You will also be registered into the class booking system. This enables you to login in through the website to book into your preferred in studio and online classes from the timetable.

Existing clients wanting to log into the booking system need to get in touch to be registered onto the booking system. Private and closed group sessions booked in studio.

All classes and sessions are a full 55 minutes long and include movement sequences for the Pilates repertoire as well as mobilisation and balancing exercises.

Nope. While we should all look for opportunities within our day to practise mobilisation exercises to help prevent stiffness developing within the body, you don’t need to do anything specific to prepare yourself for a session. As we work through the various sequences within the Pilates repertoire during a session your body will progressively be warmed up and your circulatory system simulated and prepared for each consecutive movement.

All classes whether in studio or online should be booked onto ahead of time to reserve your place. You will receive an email upon booking confirming the date, time and type of session you have booked. Online classes will have the link for the Zoom class emailed out on the day of the class. Remember classes and sessions are built around the needs of those attending so the sooner you book onto the class the more tailored it will be to your needs.

If a class you would like to take part in is listed as fully booked on the system join the waitlist, this ensures you will be the first to be notified should a place become available.

Yes! Your slot is yours for the appointed date and time. Even getting just 30 minutes from your Pilates session is will offer greater benefit than no Pilates session. Remember consistency is key to success! As soon as you know you will be late for the start of the class or session please get in touch. This allows time to replan the session to still give you the most benefit possible from the time available.

The cancellation policy is a way of guaranteeing your reserved place in a session. Remember, that your session is much more than just the period you spend in studio, your instructor invests time, thought and effort to preparing and designing each and every single session you attend around your needs and goals. Many thanks to all clients for respecting this policy.

All class and session packages are valid for three months from the date of purchase. If you know that you will not have used all your pack credits before the expiry date and have a valid reason for this please get in touch before your package expires. Where agreed we may extend the expiry date of the remaining credits left on your package by an additional 1 month period.