Align Studio Mat


Pilates mats differ from yoga mats by their thickness and density, they offer more protection for the spine and support to the body when performing the Pilates matwork repertoire.

The align mat is a 10mm light weight, compact mat that is easy to roll and pack, making it ideal for home practice or Pilates classes away from a studio setting. These mats fit in all our studio bags and good for both you and the planet; they are made from superior quality TPE material which is 100% recyclable, impermeable and hygienic whilst also being free-from PVC and Latex.

TIP: Remember Pilates mats have a bit more structure to them than yoga mats, this means they are inclined to try to unroll. Our quick release mat straps are designed to help prevent your mat unrolling when its being stored reducing potential damage to the mat and keeping it that little bit cleaner between uses.

Product details:

  • Dimensions – 180cm x 60cm x 10mm
  • Material – TPE (thermo plastic elastomer:recyclable and degradable. No internal mesh as the mat is independently stretch resistant.
  • Free from – PVC and Latex​
  • Care Instructions – The Align mat is made from closed cell foam (TPE) so it is non-absorbent. To clean your mat simply wipe clean using a clean damp cloth and a small amount of eco-friendly soap with water. DO NOT use harsh chemicals on your mat and be careful not to over scrub the mat as this may damage the surface. For a more intensive clean, add 200ml of white vinegar to a bath tub of warm water and soak for 30 minutes. Rinse with clean water and towel dry. DO NOT machine wash or put through a spin cycle as this may damage the mat.