Antibacterial Prop Wipes


We have trusted ProSan Anti Bacterial Gym Wipes for years, they are produced to an exceptional standard. ProSan products are used throughout the NHS and school systems. These large wipes are pre-dosed with a high grade sanitiser that is skin friendly and suitable to use on your Pilates props, gym equipment (including VDU Screens) as well as plastics, metals, belts, polished surfaces, worktops and even glass.
The advanced formula used is reactivated by sweat ensuring long lasting protection and is suitable to combat the Coronavirus (incl. 2019-nCoV, SARS- and MERS-CoV) as well as all food poisoning bacteria, fungus, mould, MRSA and C Diff. Available as a compact & convenient for carrying resealable tub of 200 wipes, keep a tub in your kit bag to ensure your props are always clean and the container is even recyclable when you have used up the wipes!

Tip: Not just to your pilates kit, these are the best wet wipes ever! Keep a tub within easy reach in your car for those situations where hand sanitiser isn’t available, to you need to wipe down the surfaces in your car!

Product Details:

  • Long lasting protection: sanitiser is re-activated by sweat!
  • 200 large size (20 x 18 cm) perforated easy tear wipes
  • Resealable Container
  • Pre-dosed wipes mean accurate sanitising, no over spray or liquid atomisation that could be inhaled.
  • Skin Friendly, safe for direct skin contact
  • Effective against All Food Poisoning Bacteria, Fungi, Moulds, MRSA & C Difficile
  • Suitable to combat the Coronavirus (incl. 2019-nCoV, SARS- and MERS-CoV)

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