3.2lb Flex-Tone Circle


Pilates legend say Joseph Pilates created the original magic circles from the sprung steel rings off of beer barrels; to this day a magic circle can be relied upon to help deepen the connection to the movements of the Pilates repertoire. Whether you practice contemporary or classical Pilates all good studios know the value of this little ring for training problem areas as inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest and even the pelvic muscles. While not all of us can have a reformer in our back room, we can all find space for little bit of magic in our lives.

Imported from the US the Flex-Tone Circle is a 21st century version of Joseph Pilates’ original Magic Circle design. It is a weighted (3.2lb) sprung steel ring completely encased in a non-slip rubberized coating with no angled edges, the handles are streamlined and unpadded. Just like the vintage circle you’ll only find handles on the outside of the ring. The design of this circle fits most body types while maintaining similar deflection and resistance from user to user.

The Flex-Tone Circle is 3.2lb in weight and best suits experienced Pilates practitioners.

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