Hand Weights 1.0Kg


Adding light weights to your Pilates repertoire not only adds to the challenge but encourages better integration of the shoulders and arms into the body and enhances movements by deepen the connection to the powerhouse.  These professional Hand Weights are made with a steel core, the diameter is slightly wider than standard dumbbells allowing for a more natural hold, helping to reduce over-gripping which can cause unnecessary strain to the muscles of the forearm, hand or wrist. Covered with non-slip NBR foam they have a softer more organic that sits comfortably within the hand, the elasticated support strap offers added safety for the those with weaker hand strength, reducing the likelihood of dropping the weights and allows for a more fluid range of motion.

Tip: When choosing weights for use in Pilates it’s not about how heavy they are; for most women the 0.5kg are an all round weight, the 0.75kg is a good for progressing to challenge and muscle tone. For men the 0.75kg is a good starting point and the 1kg progression for those familiar with the use of weights in the Pilates repertoire.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions – 10cm / 4 inches length
  • Safety – Comfortable to hold with added safety strap
  • Colour – Black with Lime ends
  • Weight – 1.0Kg per weight
  • Sold in pairs

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