Pilates Socks


If you ever had to fight with a pair of toe socks you will know that there are times when it’s just not worth the frustration of getting each toe into its individual sleeve of a toe sock. Usually it’s the day you are running late for your session and the socks have managed to turned every toe sleeve inside out in the wash, leaving you all fingers and thumbs are you try to convince your toes that can actually squeeze themselves into the know knotted up little knotted sleeves.
Pilates socks offer a comfortable and functional alternative to toe socks with an attractive ballerina look. With a toe sleeve for your big toe and the other toes covered in the more conventional “sock style” toebox. With an anti-slip rubberised sole for a safer placement on the feet when working out and manufactured from a Coolmax fibre to keep your feet cool and dry even when you work up a sweat. Ideal for Pilates, yoga and relaxation exercises. Dare we say it but these socks can be worn easily with flip flops to reduce thong chafing and are machine washable.

Tip: Washing your non-slips on a cold wash, avoid using fabric softener and where possible line dry. This three things will help give your non-slip socks a longer useable life.

Product Details:

  • Material – 42% Coolmax, 36% cotton, 16% polyester, 4% nylon and 2% spandex
  • Coolmax fibre keeps the foot cool and dry by wicking away moisture from the skin
  • Rubberised non-slip sole
  • Machine Washable on 30C
  • Size: Adult S/M – (UK Size 3-7)
  • Colour: Black with red edge

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