Quick Release Mat Strap


Unlike yoga mats, Pilates mats have a bit more density to them, while this is offers better support for your body it can make storing your mat a little more challenging. Whether you’re rolling your mat up and tucking it behind the sofa or packing it away into your Pilates prop bag your mat is going to try unroll. Our quick release mat straps help keep your mat neatly tidied out the way between classes. Made from 1″ wide high grade heavy-duty textured nylon you can conveniently lengthen or shorten it to hold your mat as tightly rolled up as you prefer. There are no fiddly knots to tie, or metal snaps to damage your mat, the two half of the quick release clip simply presses together to lock securely and can be released with one hand.

Tip: Tired of your blocks ending up all over the place? Use the Quick Release Mat Strap to keep your blocks stacked together and easy to carry to a session

Product details:

  • Dimensions – 2.5cm x 150cm
  • Material – High grade heavy-duty textured nylon

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