Resistance Band Level 2


A great asset in your foundational work, a band offers dynamic feedback allowing you to both push into and pull against it, creating challenge to movements you want to develop and support you in movements you are still trying to find. Adding a band into to the repertoire helps strengthen muscles, improve mobility and flexibility for total body conditioning, the skill is knowing when and where to use them. These are the same bands you’ll find in our studio, they are manufactured from natural latex giving them the best balance of durability and stretch so please contact us for an alternative if you are allergic to latex.

The level 1 band offers just that little less  assistance and resistance. This band is especially useful for those with shoulder, elbow or wrist issues as it will begin to gently challenge and assist in building strength without over working weaker tissue.

The level 2 band offers just the right balance of assistance and resistance, a good all round resistance level that can be comfortably used for both arm and leg work.

The level 3 band offers a more “reformer spring” feel to resistance work, helping you find the trinity that is your powerhouse, glutes and inner thighs. The level 3 band can also be doubled up and used as an improvised stretch out strap. If you have not used resistance bands before start we recommend starting with the level 2 band before moving up to the level 3 band.

TIP: Store your band either loosely folded or rolled up when not in use to prevent creases and increase the life of your resistance band.

Product details:

  • Dimensions – 2m x 15cm
  • Colour – Blue
  • Warning – Contains Latex Do Not Use if Allergic
  • Care Instructions – Resistance bands are made of latex which is an organic natural substance, which will break down and deteriorate over time. It should therefore be protected from extreme temperatures, chemicals, perfumes, sweat and moisture, all of which may speed up deterioration. Storing these products properly will help prolong the life of the product. Resistance bands should be laid flat and dusted with talcum powder from time to time. This prevents the rubber from sticking together when warm and will aid the process of tying and untying the bands.

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