Safety Latch Snap Hook


We’ve all had to do battle with a quick link where the the hex barrel lock has had its metal threads caught jamming the barrel nut in place. Its a frustrating situation that usually requires you to dig through the tool box you keep in the back cupboard to resolve.
Probably the best alternative we’ve ever come across to quick links/oval screw shackle links are these spring hooks with safety latches. They might be small by they are mighty, manufactured from A4 Class, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel these spring lock hooks with a safety latch where designed for use the harshest environments in the marine industry. The built in safety “gate” ensures that the main “gate” of the snap cannot be accidently open yet will never jam or lock meaning you can change or reposition that spring/loop/strap no matter how long since you placed it there.

We use them not only to replace quick links but to attach foot (5″ & 9″) loops to springs, attach springs to the ped-o-pul and arm chair, foot straps to reformers and mats or any situation where the double end snap is either just too long or additional security is required.

Tested Break Load 599.65LB!
Compact Size 60mm L x 30mm W x 6mm D
Supplied Individually


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