4″ Smooth Ball (Pair)


The 4″ Smooth Balls are Phthalate & Latex Free variable pressure valve air-filled balls with a soft squishy feel and a smooth surface. THE key ball set in the Franklin Method, this set is an essential piece of your movement toolkit. Regardless of their softness, they are specifically designed to be used with even the most sensitive muscles and fascia allowing for deep muscle penetration that goes to the source of the trigger point facilitating a profound release without over stimulating or aggravating the surrounding soft tissue. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners.

These Franklin balls can also be used for stretching exercises and can help improve balance, aid movement and increase body awareness using the Franklin Method® training technique, this in turn can assist with better posture and increased strength and functional movement.

We find this set particularly useful for refining positional alignment and keeping movements coming from your powerhouse in matwork, as well as highlighting any asymmetries. They can be placed under the scapula to offer a degree of support in movements that require the head, neck and shoulders to be held lifted. Place them under the pelvis to for a more clear understanding of the posterior and anterior pelvic tilt. Position between your thighs and ankles when working on your bridging or teaser series in your matwork to find deeper engagement and that wrapping sensation from your powerhouse.

Franklin Balls come partially inflated and ready to use; you can adjust their firmness by altering the internal air pressure of each ball using a needle valve pump.

Product details:

  • Dimension – 4″ (10cm) diameter
  • Material – Phthalate & Latex Free
  • Colour – Orange
  • Safety – pre-inflated with valve for pressure adjustment

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