Soft Ball 9″


A soft ball (also known as an over ball) is the perfect complement to the foundational mat repertoire, helping to target and strengthen smaller muscle groups, perfect for pelvic floor exercises, as well as deep core muscles. Used correctly they encourage the development of endurance, concentration, and coordination in the work. Think of it as a tiny magic circle.
A soft ball is air-filled so you can tailor the degree of inflation to suit your body and your movement from day-to-day, some days you want more support, others you want more challenge; simply remove the plug and inflate or deflate to your desired tension. Made from DINP PVC our soft balls are latex free with a natural anti slip texture and factory tested as burst-resistant at 100kg.

Tip: The 12″ diameter is good option for those new to using soft balls or those who prefer a little more tactile feel, while the 9″diameter offers more challenge and suits those already familiar with the movements.

Product details:

  • Dimension – 9″ (23cm) diameter
  • Material – DINP PVC (Latex free)
  • Colour – Blue
  • Safety – Factory tested as burst-resistant at 100kg

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