Studio Pro Mat


Mats for Pilates differ from yoga mats in their thickness and density, they offer more protection for the spine and support to the body when performing the Pilates matwork repertoire.

The studio pro mat offers the best balance of protection and support with the ease of transport and storage, it is the mat we use and recommend for home practice or mat classes in a non studio setting.
At 15mm thick it offers great support for the spine and knees. This mat has a different texture on each side meaning you can tailor degree of no-slip support for your and your floors. Made from impermeable TPE Synthetic Rubber its closed cell it will not absorb water and sweat or harbour bacteria, it’s easy care simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent or anti-bacterial spray. Independently tested by SGS Laboratories as Heavy Metal, Phthalate, AZO and Organotin free. At just 2,6kg this is a proper studio mat that is still convenient enough for home practice; using a quick release mat strap to keep it rolled up it can be stored behind the sofa or in our everything bag.

TIP: Remember Pilates mats have a more structure to them than yoga mats, this means they are inclined to try to unroll. Use our quick release mat straps to keep your mat rolled up when its being stored reducing potential damage to your mat and helping keep it that little bit cleaner between uses.

Product details:

  • Dimensions – 180cm x 60cm x 15mm
  • Material – TPE Synthetic Rubber, closed cell so will not absorb water or harbour bacteria. Independently tested Heavy Metal, Phthalate, AZO and Organotin free.
  • Free from – PVC​
  • Care Instructions – Wipe with clean damp cloth with a mild detergent or anti-bacterial spray.