3″ Textured Ball (Pair)


The Franklin Method textured balls are ideal for training the muscles of the back. They’re designed to improve function and movement when used in conjunction with Franklin Method® exercises. The uneven surface increases sensory function, improving circulation and optimizing movement.

This set of balls particularly useful for working muscles that have had injuries in the past and now feel a little thick or fuzzy, the smaller size, dynamic pressure and texture offers greater sensory stimulation and release “kneading” out scar tissue, improving both lymph drainage and blood supply without the risk of bruising  or inflaming tissue that a traditional hard trigger point ball can sometimes cause.

We find these balls ideal for any work with the feet, the diameter seems to suit most people when working through various foot mobilisation exercise and rolling work for the arches of the feet. The texture and pressure of this ball is more readily tolerated by those with foot conditions that the traditional hard and spikey massage balls.

Franklin Balls come partially inflated and ready to use; you can adjust their firmness by altering the internal air pressure of each ball using a needle valve pump.

Product details:

  • Dimension – 3 1/7″ (7.5cm) diameter
  • Material – Phthalate & Latex Free
  • Colour – Blue-Green
  • Safety – pre-inflated with valve for pressure adjustment

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