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The heart of the Pilates Method! We focus on the Pilates principles and translate them to your individual needs. Sessions use various apparatus and are built around your goals.

Share the Pilates experience with a friend or partner, progressing together, while still getting that personalised experience.

Get together with a small group of friends or family to have fun while making a positive impact on your health & fitness.

For those who still want private tuition but feel more comfortable in their own home, matwork or apparatus sessions using your own Pilates equipment.

Whether completely new to Pilates or an advanced practitioner, this session allows us to build an understanding your movement and unique needs.

It’s a private setting in which to discuss any relevant health and movement issues, assess your current level of fitness and movement experience, introduce you to the Pilates apparatus and suggest the classes/groups best suited to your goals and requirements.

This session enables you to learn comfortably at your own pace, ask the questions and sets you up to feel confident to join the studio classes. It’s a lot of pack in; so is a full hour and a half.

3 clients to 1 teacher. In studio classes focus on applying principles and ethos of authentic Pilates to meaningful movement. The selection of classes, matwork, standing Pilates combining Pilates barre, floorwork and ped o pul), orbit integrated movement, and a boutique reformer class

Get your Pilates delivered directly to your tablet or mobile. Our classes, private sessions or closed group are available online. A convenient way to keep up your Pilates practise when travel is restricted or time is short.

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